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Hi All, this is Daniele, welcome to my personal website. I am a tech enthusiast with interests that span from simple everyday gadgets to technology of the quantum mechanical model of the atom.

I also love to design web sites and I do it for both private and commercial businesses. Among my passions for anything digital I do love to design and create captivating layouts for prints, logos, banners or presentations.

Whether you're a looking on revamping your existing website, design a new one from scratch or you just want a consultation in view of a future project, I am happy to meet you for a friendly and informal chat.
Well....if you are based in Chiang Mai of course, ...or I can do it digitally on Skype / Hangouts etc. if you are located somewhere else around the globe.

In any case, Just feel free to contact me, I am open to new ideas or ventures too.

IT infrastructure Setup / New Startup Project Management Consultancy

I am also available as a Consultant to help new ventures to setup their new business. I can work out strategic plannings, P/L, Business Plans, IT infrastructures setup.

Last but not least, being a tech guy I can also help to:

  • Select & setup complete CCTV Systems (wired & wireless).
  • Select, assemble and Setup Workstations / Business / Personal Computers
  • Select & setup POS Systems for shops or Restaurants
  • Setup Wireless Networks / Bridges for Hotels / Venues / Conferences
  • Photograph products, produce and upload images of different format for eCommerce
  • Content edit / Data entry for Blog or Web Magazine
  • Edit, clip and convert Audio & Video
  • Design a Logo / Business Cards / Branding
  • Photograph your culinary creations and create awesome Menus to be printed
  • Troubleshot / fix your Computer / Laptop, [e.g virus sanitation]
  • Recover lost data from Hard Drives / Memory Cards / USB Sticks

Design Skills

What I do best

Graphics, Logos, Brochures

I use the latest technologies to make your graphics with an extra touch of professional design.

Full responsive websites

Responsive and adaptable to any screen size, fast to load on any desktop and mobile browser.

Helping you with your tech

Too busy or cannot catch up with the "speed of technology"? Let me take care of installing your hardware and software for your new office or audio and video for your conference.

Managing Startups

You have an idea, I have the experience and knowledge, together we can take it from words and make it real.

Being A Designer


I am a provider of professional website, graphics design and web development. I have over 10 years of experience in the design field with a long list of satisfied customers. I will be happy to provide additional references upon request. I have a clear understanding of web site development requirements, and I have the knowledge, skills and experience to successfully complete any web site project.

In order to develop a web site that fulfills all the goals of the web site development project, the proposed web development will take place in several distinct phases:


Here the scope, requirements, and description of the final web site will be determined and documented, including the overarching site goals, number of pages, site hierarchy, merchandizing needs, language and web tools used (i.e. PHP or carts), plus forms, animations/graphics, and other specialized content.

Concept Design

Sketches and/or page mock-ups are created that reflect the general appearance and the look and feel of the website for visitors. Once these are reviewed and approved web development will begin.

Creation and Coding for Primary Pages

Primary site (i.e. top level) web pages are created in the previously determined language (html, PHP) to meet all the appearance, performance, and content requirements. Then primary pages will be reviewed by the Client with appropriate feedback for revision.

Primary Page Creation & Coding for Secondary Pages

Primary web site pages are revised in accordance with the review/feedback. All site secondary pages are created.

Web Site Review and Testing

The finished web site will be reviewed and all functional aspects tested (i.e. forms, modules, widgets).

Acceptance and Project Completion

Once revisions and modifications resulting from reviews are complete, the web site will be uploaded and go live. After a successful one week trial period, the web site project will be considered complete.

What I do

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. As a Web Designer I will be covering all the different aspects of the design process myself as I don’t rely on a team of individuals.

Tools and Technologies

I use a variety of different tools depending on what part of the production process I am involved in. These tools are updated over time by newer standards and software but the principles behind them remain the same. For Web graphic design I use vector and raster graphics packages to create web-formatted imagery or design prototypes. Technologies used to create websites include standardized mark-up, which can be hand-coded or generated by WYSIWYG editing software mainframes and Content Management Systems such as WordPress.

Web Design Processes


Below is an example of timeline for project milestones and deliverables.

Terms and Conditions

The terms for the web development project are defined below:

  1. 1 - Comprehensive Web Development Project @ $12 x hour
  2. 2 - I will invoice the Client net 50% of the agreed sum at the completion of the milestone 3.
  3. 3 - I will invoice the Client remaining net 50% at the completion of the listed milestones.


Upon acceptance of the proposal I will start working on the listed milestones. If you have any questions or need additional information amended to the proposal, please let me know by contacting me directly

Some of my Graphic Works

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Coordinating the launch of a newly designed website


I was hired by the TUBe Thailand management to design and develop their eCommerce first and to help to organize the launch in a later stage.
Below are some details of TUBe Thailand as an Organization to help you understand the nature of this business and the main purposes of the launch.

  • TUBe Thailand is a nonprofit organization and is linked to the Raintree Foundation which is another Charity Organization with its roots in Germany, (under Thai Care), and in Thailand.


Having previously developed the web site

  • As I was the developer who designed the eCommerce for TUBe Thailand, I was obviously well aware of the sort of business and requirements they had. Certainly I did not need formal presentations or to get acquainted as if I was asked to come onboard as an external consultant.

    Thai Care, Raintree Foundation and TUBe:

    As stated from their web site, "The main purpose of Thai Care is to promote their projects in Thailand, manage volunteers and to administrate the foster children program. Basically they are the same organization in two different countries".
    The Raintree Foundation has its Headquarters in a building located near Saraphi in the outskirts of Chiang Mai. TUBe are bags made of recycled bicycle inner tubes and are handmade by Hill Tribe Women. All the income from the sales of the bags goes towards the remuneration of the Hill Tribe Workers. Tube laboratory are located in the mountains villages.


    Before even thinking of launching a newly created website I had created a routine checklist that included the following:

    Step 1 - Pages Content

    Make sure the website is ready with all pages displaying the correct copyright. If there are any pages unfinished or with glitches it is not a good idea to go live with the site. The site visitors would think of the business the same way as we present our website and might not give us their trust.

    Step 2 - Copyright

    The copyright has to be tested for spelling errors, asking someone with knowledge and expertise to read our pages content and give us some feedback. Don't be afraid of doing some extra changes, sometime we think our way is “the way”, while an external source could see things we had completely missed.

    Step 3 – Links validation

    Scan and check all the website links. Broken links can be a goodbye from an interested user and surely they will not give us a professional look to the eyes of a new potential customer.

    Step 4 – Forms Validation

    Email newsletter subscription, contact form, search form and any other forms we might have on our web pages have to be subject to a detailed scrutiny. This should be checked for errors and spelling mistakes, initial setup normally send mails to the web designer for debugging, once this is done all forms should be reverted to send the data to the proper business email or save it on an internal database.

    Step 5 – Google Map on Contact Page

    Make sure that the Google map is displaying the right information. It will be a disaster to find out after launch that our real business location is nowhere near the pin in the map displayed in the "find us" section of the contact page.

    Step 6 – Contact People Details

    Check that the contact names, departments, addresses and telephone numbers are the right one. For peace of mind it is suggested asking someone internal to the business to go through the list and confirm each one of the extension numbers, emails, names and any other attached detail that might be required.

    Step 7 – Social Newtwork Account Details

    Check that all the social network accounts are linking to the right account and they are all displaying properly in the header, footer and articles pages. Again, making sure all the links are filled, if our business has no Instagram account yet leaving the icon with an hashtag as a link has no value and it should be removed. Proper links can be added as soon as the accounts have been setup.

    Step 8 – Pages Loading Time

    Check the loading time of our website pages by using online tools and websites that offer this services. We should check that our animations, JavaScript and heavy sized images are not preventing the browser from loading the web pages within the normal time limits. Make sure all the images and graphics have been optimized for the web. (see webpagetest.org Google insights or uptrends.com for a full website analysis)

    Step 9 – Title, Description and Meta Tags

    Check that we have written the page title, meta tags and site description according to what was already planned. This should affect all the pages in which we would like the search engines to easily find our content when crawling the web.

    Step 10 – Favicon Inclusion

    Check for the inclusion of a favicon for the tabbed browser pages and an icon for iPhone users on our root directory.

    Challenges encountered

    Setting a Startup

    The Company is new to the Business
  • The TUBe business had just started so it had no market share yet.
  • There was no one with much experience on online sales.
  • Despite TUBe initially tried to sell its products through the Etsy online platform they were a new Company and they do not have a footmark on the industry.

    Products aren’t unique

    The market is already filled with similar products:
  • Similar Products were already sold both locally and online.
  • By performing a search query using the Google search engine we are confronted with many other small and bigger company that are already selling similar products.

    Our prices

    Our prices were lower than the competition:
  • High quality with low prices is difficult to achieve.
  • Profit margin was lower than the suggested one.
  • Most of the competitors have prices ranged 30/40% higher than TUBe. Could we repay our labour and other cost including shipments and still make a profit?
    Solution to Challenges

    In order to get the TUBe name into people's mind and their products into people's hand we needed a massive Marketing Operation. Marketing will be accomplished by mean of Public relation and Advertising. The team will all have roles to play. The management team will have an important role from now onwards.

    Overcoming Challenges

    • Below are the activities suggested on what it will later become the: Action Plan.

  • Video Footage Advertising.

  • Local Media Advertising.

  • Local Expats Club Advertising.

  • Social Media Advertising.

  • T-Shirts Give Away Advertising.

  • Social Local Trend Creation.


    A series of actions aimed to overcome the challenges and bring the TUBe image to the attention of the masses.

    Write a script for a presentation of TUBe products:

    Showing who are the people behind the image and the products, highlighting the fact that TUBe is a nonprofit organization which is helping minorities from different ethnicity to make a living. Organizing an effective special launch event in the Mountains with the locals and Make a video that shows what the Raintree Foundation is all about and how it relates to TUBe, having a proper storyboard to follow. This video will have to show the products, the people involved and the community behind. The video and audio can be recorded with cameras or mobile phones; there is no real need to recruit a professional filmmaker. The overall length of the video can consist in more than one clip then mounted together with audio and great background music. (For this last one use channels such as jamendo open source music and just leave credits on a note at the end of the movie). Ask the same photographer who shot the products photos if he can handle to be the person who takes cares of the filming and editing. Take plenty of backstage clips and photos that can be reused to feed an additional ad campaign that we can call the Life at TUBe behind the scenes, in which we show that we are real people, we make mistakes while filming, we laugh about it and that TUBe people are a great team.

    Contact Magazines and Newspapers:
    • Contact Chiangmai City Life, ask for a meeting, show them the video and see if they are interested in writing an article in their periodic magazine about TUBe efforts to give a better life to Hill Tribe Thai Women.
    • Contact the Chiang Mai news weekly newspaper and enquire about an article dedicated to the Raintree Foundation and about TUBe, including a brief interview to the Foundation Directors.

    Contact the Chiang Mai Expats Club:

    And see if we can do a presentation of TUBe's people and products to their audience at one of their periodic meetings, also query about prices for advertising and sponsorship on their website. If an agreement for a presentation is reached, prepare some flyers to give away in which we summarize all the details of TUBe as a business for nonprofit and we ask to share the news to attendee’s social media accounts.

    Upload Content And Share:
    • Post the newly created video into TUBe's Facebook account and let our audience have a look and comment about it. Ask all our Facebook fans to share to friends and connections.
    • Upload the video to YouTube and have it shared to all the contacts that we know.

    Produce some inexpensive TUBe T-shirt:

    Shirts with logo and slogan to be given for free for the first 100 online sales. Keep constant updates on Facebook and other social media about how the free T-shirt campaign is doing. Ask everyone that has received a T-shirt to post a picture onto TUBe's Facebook wall. Offer a free T-shirt for every retweet in Twitter with more than 50 followers. (Genuine accounts, no spammers).

    Create an ad campaign:

    Call it something on the lines of, TUBe Urban, have young Thais and Farang together in places such as Nimanhaemin, (Chiang Mai Trendiest Neighborhood), or The Sunday Market Area, (Thapae Gate), and take some good photo to use as feed for social media. Create slogans that will eventually convert into hashtags for Twitter and other sharing networks. Make this personal; include some stories about reality, who are the TUBe Urban people, where do they meet and what is their story about. Post periodically photos and a short article about the people depicted in the pictures. Create a trend that circulate and that other people wants to be part of.

    Roles & Implementation

    Defining the roles of the Management, the rest of the staff involved on the project and their duties and their responsibilities was a priority task. Brand new roles were required for the Ad campaign and the PR and Marketing operations.

    Project Manager

    Responsible for the initiation, running and full execution of all the project phases. Responsible for all matters in terms of operations cost control. The Project Manager would be the person dealing directly with timeline for goals and achievements of the launch Plan. Decision making is ultimately up to the Project Manager no matter how small or big is the detail in question. Ultimately is the The Project Manager that liaises between Directors and Headquarters and that supports Directors requests.

    Campaign Director

    The Campaign Director is the person in charge for the FilmMaking and for the organization of Events. This role also includes the organization of the Printing Material and contracting with suppliers, supervising the production and design of Flyer and T-Shirts and supervising the Media production Ad Campaign on Social Networks. The Campaign Director reports directly to the Project Manager

    Audio & Video Production (Media)

    The Media Production is the person responsible for Filming the Videos and for creating the Social Media Content. This role requires a proven skilled online PR and advertiser type of person to create always new content and to keep the audience engaged at all times. The Media Production reports directly to the Campaign Director.

    PR and Content Writer

    This role interacts with the Media Production and it is responsible for contacting the local magazines, newspapers and various organizations in order to get exposure in their printouts and websites. This Roles requires good communications skills as the person in charge will deal with management of other companies and organizations, ultimately the PR and Content Writer will write articles and blogs for TUBe websites. The PR and Content Writer reports directly to the Campaign Director.

    Junior PR

    This role interacts with both the Media Production and the PR and Content Writer. The main responsibilities of the person in charge for this role are the following:

    Local Forums & Boards

  • Visit local forums, chats and student boards and genuinely diffuse the news of TUBe products and Company, again stressing the benefits of Local Hill Tribes Woman from the income made by TUBe.

  • Local Universities Environments

  • Involve local students and friends in activities such as the Photo Shots of “TUBe Urban”.
  • Distribute TUBe informational flyers.
  • Post ads into Students Boards and Library Communal Boards.

  • The Junior PR reports directly to the Campaign Director.

    This is a position for an English speaking Local University Student that wants to gain achievements into Public Relations. The position is therefore as a “stager” and will suit individuals that want to add this experience to their CV in order to eventually compete into landing a job in top agencies with more specific duties and higher professional levels. Renumeration for this part time position is minimal, however, full credits and letter of recommendations will be made available for future employers.


    Recruiting - 1st week since operations start.
    PHASE 1 - Finding the right Candidates:
    • Posting ads on Classifieds and organizing interviews.
    • Selecting among al Candidates.

    • Media Production - 2nd week since operations start.
      PHASE 2 - Audio and Video Production:
      • Making the Videos on the Villages with the Hill Tribe Workers.
      • Making the Videos in the City for the TUBe Urban Advertising Campaign.

      • PR & Content Writer - 3rd week since operations start.
        PHASE 3 - Making Noise:
        • Contacting all the Local Magazines and Newspapers.
        • Contacting Local Organizations.

        • Social and Printing - 4th & 5th week since operations start.
          PHASE 4 - Layout, Design, Print and Massive Advertise:
          • Contacting Print Companies and getting Quotes.
          • Selecting right Printer among Candidates.
          • Design all Banners ad, Flyers, Blog content and Gaphics for the Launch.
          • Creating and populating with proper content all the Social Media accounts.
          • Posting on Local Forums and Boards.
          • Posting on Local Universities Environments.

          • SEO Refining & Launch - 6th week since operations start.
            PHASE 5 - Final Adjustments and Grand Opening:
            • Fine Tuning Website Search Engine Optimisation.
            • Final Debug and Tests.
            • Publishing website and celebrating official launch online and on local Media.

    new web site launch proposal presentation frontpage

    new web site launch proposal presentation - the challenges

    new web site launch proposal presentation - solution to challenges

    new web site launch proposal presentation - action plan implementation

    new web site launch proposal presentation - team structure

    new web site launch proposal presentation - team duties

    new web site launch proposal presentation - fine points

    new web site launch proposal presentation - project manager

    new web site launch proposal presentation - ad campaign director

    new web site launch proposal presentation - audio and video production

    new web site launch proposal presentation -

    new web site launch proposal presentation - content writer

    new web site launch proposal presentation - junior PR

    new web site launch proposal presentation - farewell


    Project Managing a new Startup


    The very reason why I have studied this case in details is because it was the most complicated; I learned so much that it gave me the confidence to successfully help a few more clients to open a business in the years to come.
    In this case study I will call my client “John” and his wife “Mary”, these are fictitious names, I just don’t like the idea of referring to them as “the client”.

    I was introduced to John and Mary by some common acquaintances.

    • This business was opened in the year 2005; John & Mary have sold it three years later as they opted for a real estate investment and they are no longer in Chiang Mai.

    The need

    I was asked by John to help him to open up a small pizza shop in Chiang Mai.

    The budget

    The initial investment for this new venture was Baht 2,000.000. My instructions were that I could not go over that amount of money as john had a limited budget.

    Initial Analysis

    On my first meeting with John I gathered the following key information:

  • John was a foreigner and wanted to establish a business in Thailand that eventually would provide a sort of sustainment for his future stay. He had a Thai spouse, (Mary), which would sporadically work with him on this new business. Mary had never worked in the Catering industry before while John had already had experience when he was a student at College, however this was in a cocktail bar and it was many years ago, moreover, neither has ever setup their own business. Mary would provide about 30% of the sum.

  • John & Mary would like to have their shop in the center, possibly along the main streets of the old city so that they could cater for the many tourists visiting Chiang Mai and that spend their holidays in the nearby guesthouses.

  • Mary was a Thai national; she had a steady income as she was currently employed with a non-managerial role in a local bank. John was currently living in Thailand with a Visa that allowed him to stay in the country for an extended period of time, he was not employed, and his income was currently based on savings from his main bank account in the UK.

  • John lacked in computer skills, Mary has knowledge of Microsoft office but has never used Excel to create her own formulas nor could be able to create a profit and loss spreadsheet.

  • Both of them want to start as soon as possible.

  • John and Mary lived in UK for 2 years prior to move to Chiang Mai, at the time John was employed in a national retail chain as a merchandiser.

  • Despite their attempts, Mary did not succeed on finding a steady job while in the UK. Mary did miss her family and country up to the point that the two decided to move to Thailand. Chiang Mai was their choice as the village where Mary was from was not appealing to John.
  • I then spent some time with John & Mary explaining my previous work experiences and how I could help them in establishing their business in Chiang Mai.

    In order to simplify their understanding of my services I divided my duties in phases:

    PHASE 1
    Gathered all the data:

    I would work on what furniture and equipment is required for the business, what menu, how many staff are required and so on. I can then start producing my spreadsheet and make precise forecast and predictions for the future 6 months, / 1 year onwards.

    PHASE 2
    Data sourcing:

    On this phase I would spend most of my time investigating and sourcing the market for locations, then, once a final candidate place is chosen, I would start ordering and installing, equipment, furniture, stock and anything else that was required for the business to operate.

    PHASE 3
    Begin Operations:

    In this phase I would dedicate all my time and expertise to advertise the new business “opening soon” via the social media accounts and the web site I would create. This phase would have played a great role also because I would have to interview, select, employ and finally train all the staff that would eventually work on site.

    First agreement

    After discussing this and many other details, John and Mary liked what they heard from me and we draw a basic contract that stated what my services were and how they would pay me. I had divided the payments in three thirds.
    For the first payment I asked them an initial sum of money as to seal the deal so that I could start spending my time working for them. The second payment would have been on Phase 1 completion and the third payment once the Phase three would be successfully carried out.


    After careful revising my notes I had identified an issue that had to be resolved prior to go forward with the planning. The issue concerned John and his work permit. Despite him being married to a Thai National, John needed to apply for a Working Permit in order to be allowed to work on his Pizzeria.


    The easiest way for them to operate a business would have been to legally open the business on Mary’s name and then have her to employ John as the main Pizza Chef.

    The go ahead

    On my second meeting I had the official go ahead to start the process of investigating and business planning. John & Mary were happy to pay my initial fee on the spot.

    Implementing Phase 1

    Unfortunately the situation between John & Mary was worsening a bit. I could see that their views about the business were quite different and it was difficult to deal with both of them, (or at least make them both happy). Despite this, and the fact that in a few occasions I had witnessed some sort of argument carried out between them, I proceeded with the best of the intents and tried to remain neutral to their “internal affairs”.

    Section 1 - Menu Planning

    Mary was absent for reasons that had to do with family matters, John provided me with his ideas of the menu and I gave him my opinion, together we come out with the final draw. John toke some time off to join Mary in her parent’s village so I started sourcing suppliers for availability and checked competitors and prices, also proceeded preparing my spreadsheets with food and labor costs profit and loss forecasts predictions for a time spanning from the opening until the next year.

    Section 2 - Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment selection

    Now that we knew the menu I had a clear idea of what sort of equipment I needed, how the ideal shop would have been in terms of lay out and what furniture was required. As we did not have a location yet I kept this to a general approach just to give them a clear idea. Most of the final decisions on the layout and furniture can only be made once a location has been found and we would have a certainty of the space available and measurements. So for this section I mostly worked on investigating the market, trying to find good quality second hand equipment and gathering prices of new one from competitive sellers. This was an extensive job, some of the equipment and machinery they required could only be sourced abroad, or else, I did find a small firm in Bangkok that was importing the Pizza Oven directly from Italy but it was at a remarkable premium price.

    Section 3 – Business Plan refinements

    This section was about reviewing and balancing our forecasted requirements with actual prices in figures and then comparing it against our budget. I knew we would eventually go over the budget by adding details and extra requirements in the planning, so the need for this section was paramount. Indeed we had to cut some expenses almost in every department

    Implementing Phase 2

    Phase two was dived in 4 sections. Most of the planning was now done, we knew what sort of business and what the price for starting the business would have been, it was time to implement our strategies.

    Section 1 - The Location

    This part of the investigation did require lots of time searching through web sites, classifieds, contacting landlords and also going personally in places for viewing.

    - Major facts to consider:

    Demographic analysis played a very important role at this stage as to establish details that eventually will be key of success. There was a great amount of data to sort of out, what type of people lived in the surroundings, what age they were, their income, social lifestyle, were there any schools, government offices, private sector agencies and offices and so on. One very important part of the demographic analysis that I conduct involved a search for complaints made by other business in the neighbors for issues related to water, electricity, public drainage etc. This last one also involved enquires at the land departments for neighbor businesses reconstructions permits or major road constructions works that might have affected the area were we had our main focus. Missing a detail like this could have led to loss of income and even potentially to run out of business in the unfortunate event that the street where our business was going to be located would have closed to the pedestrians or to the traffic for reasons that we could have ignored. Repaving sidewalks, upgrades to drainage infrastructure and complete refurbishment of entire buildings can suddenly start and are a common fact, (this sort of works carried out in Thailand can start without notice to the public and can last for weeks or even months).

    Section 2 - Assessment of existing business

    Once a potential location was identified and an inspection in person was carried out by myself first and John & Mary secondly, I proceed assessing the building. Again this is a delicate portion of the Phase 1 as it is imperative to collect as much data as possibl.
    Among the many details this assessment included:

  • Physical inspection of the building, photograph of all the rooms and evidence of any issues such as electrical, gas, water, front and back doors.

  • Check Utilities and supliers contracts against unpaid bills.

  • Length of the lease, deposit, modality of payments.

  • What furniture and fixture and equipment could be reused, (in this case the furniture in place was useless for our purpose).

  • Section 3 - Implementation

    An agreement with the Landlord was finally reached, signed a contract and a deposit had been paid. I started assessing what type of furniture and equipment was required as we could now plan with the blueprints and real measurements we had. I could now decide where things would be located and double check against the numbers given by the suppliers that every piece of furniture would actually fit in place. This part was incredibly time consuming, occasionally issues would arise when at the last minute something unplanned such as an Ice cream machine was required and new budgeting, menu cost and so on had to be implemented, additionally John & Mary seemed to have different ideas on the look and design, particularly at this stage they were not considering the budget we had and kept adding features and equipment that was not previously discussed and agreed upon. I consistently found myself reminding them to stick with the assessment plans as adding new features and furniture would have eventually a surprise price tag and lots of extra work in terms of planning and forecasting that was not in our plans.

    Implementing Phase 3

    Phase three was dived in 4 main sections.
    This is where I would start advertising the new business via the local classifieds, magazines, social networks, email newsletter campaign; all this after the design of the logo and web site would have been completed. Training and opening would follow.

    Section 1 – Logo & Branding, Domain Registration, Web Hosting Provider, Web Design

    John & Mary had a few ideas for the logo, so I did a few mockups until we found something that pleased both. Once the logo was ready I started the process of registering a domain, finding a web hosting and of course designing a web site. While I was taking care of the media and digital side of the business I still had to take my time and come on site to check the works as we had a building construction company doing electrical, plumbing and other general constructions works. The place was starting to look real good and John & Mary were feeling a bit more relaxed now that they could see their dream getting real. Finally, after carefully revising many software and hardware bundles I had found a POS system that was competitive in price yet quite comprehensive.

    Section 2 – Apply image and branding

    After designing the logo I started producing all the stationary, menu, signage and other items such as the uniforms with the logos and branding. This involved searching the right printer company, have a few trials with uniforms from different makers until the proper supplier was chosen.

    Section 3 – Staff Employment & Training

    Another great milestone, answering all the calls for interviews, organizing two open days where candidates would show from 10am till 6pm, revising, checking against curriculum data and finally selecting the right one. A team was formed and a date of start was chosen, we now had to start selling those Pizzas. For the next week we spent most of the time in training trying out the new oven…and John to make pizzas. It was challenging, I basically eat pizza at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for days and days to come.

    Section 4 – Grand Opening

    A grand opening is an exciting day, no matter how big or small is the business, everyone was ready and everything was in place. John was now confident in making is own pizza, overall he had trained for over three weeks, as for technical reasons we had to delay the opening a bit.

    So what could have gone wrong..?

    Well, how about the electricity cut off right in the middle of the action? Wait; let me tell you that the average temperature here in Thailand is on the 30’s + C, plus a pizza oven burning fire at 450C than you makes your own judgment. Not to mention the havoc this created when all in one sudden we did not have any of the information for the customers’ orders as that was stored in the POS system. No matter how I tried disconnecting the air conditioning units and even one of the drinks fridges, my guesses became a nightmare of a reality, as I found out later, the electrician we had contracted did not properly calculated the amount of KW all our units needed and the system he implemented was not making it at all, unfortunately some of the fuses went busted and we did not have a mean to reconnect them our self.The rest of the evening was spent with an improvised cooling system I managed to organize. Basically fans towers purchased at Tesco. Yes that’s right, once I have realized that there was no way to fix the electricity I had to send a few of the staff to purchase the fans. Another member of the team was sent to buy candles in a local street market. This last one turned with some massive vanilla candles that costed an arm and a leg, but hey, it was not the right time to complaint about spending. I had to get the show up and running at the best I could.

    Thankfully our oven was gas operated..!

    From a customer perspective it was not actually bad night overall, a part for the very first instant when there was a slight general panicking, the atmosphere was now more relaxed, the fans were ugly to see but effective in blowing the hot air away from the main room and the vanilla scented candles did something awesome to the all look and feel of the night. I kept being everywhere and visiting the tables to see that all the food and drinks were delivered and to offer a smile and word to our patrons, to my surprise their mood was up to the sky, they liked the candle light, it seemed as if I was the only one caring to see those ugly yellow and blue fan towers.


    The learning curve was immense; I can’t even quantify it all. Every single aspect of the process was planned but then something else would have happened to change factors and rewrite the rules. I will list below the top three new rules I have implemented to my new System of how to organize a startup.

  • The importance of running a background check on your general contractors, see what else they have built, analyze their portfolios, visit the places they have claimed to have built and see for yourself if this is the way you would like your place to be built. Contractors are the one who will build your dream business, if they don’t do it right you will have disappointing times ahead. The most economic might not be the best one as you save on one side of the business but you might end up losing somewhere else.

  • Be prepared for the unknown. Just because we have successfully completed all the main phases prior to the opening it doesn’t mean that we are a success as soon as we open. Things might not go the exact way we had planned, a little inconvenient or a last minute issue might become your next nightmare and compromise the all operation.

  • Always try out the system you have implemented, invite friends and family, free of charge, prior to the opening, and run the business as it was normal routine. This will give a chance to everyone to familiarize with the new system, to make mistakes and to correct them and ultimately will allow everyone to gain confidence in the business its products and its people.

  • A lesson learned

    I have since then opened a few more places and always made sure I don’t fall in the trap of running too fast for the opening day. Handling the pressure I have from a business owner is an additional challenge that I am ready to take if this is vital for a safe and smooth opening.

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