Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Open Source Software Alternatives

Gimp and Inkscape Open Source Software for Linux

Open Source Image Editing and Vector creating on Linux with Gimp and InkscapeI have recently switched OS from Windows to Linux and had to drop all the Adobe software as they are not supported.

It was hard at the very beginning but I am now happy to have discovered two good alternatives.

Gimp is my alternative to Photoshop, it is incredibly good and has lots of features, plugins and extensions. Gimp works in similar way to Photoshop, you will be able to have all your layered PSD files open and edited too.

Inkscape is my alternative to Illustrator, again a pleasure to use and see great works coming out of this piece of software.

Both of this alternative software are fully compatible with the Adobe suite file format so you will not loose any of the previous projects and works, same when exporting or saving a file for someone on the Adobe ecosystem, you will be presented with a choice to save them as a PSD, (when using Gimp), or as an AI, (when using Inkscape).

There is a little bit to learn though as the interface of both of them doesn’t quite resemble the Adobe familiar GUI but some of the features are similar so after about a week I was already producing at faster pace.

There is a great community behind both of the two software, online tutorials and forums are available to guide a novice through the first steps or to help with more specific requirements.

Both Gimp and Inkscape are free and open source. Available to download at their respective websites. Windows and Mac are also supported, and that is a great news for someone seeking to a viable solution to the dilemma….should I pay the premium for Adobe or not?

All in all I definitely suggest anyone to give it a try, it was worth the challenge for me and although I miss some of the features that I was accustomed with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator I am learning everyday and will definitely continue for a while.

Ha….and by the way, Linux rocks too..!

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