Evolving stages of a logo

Stages of a logo - first logo

It is amazing how sometimes when designing a logo a designer starts from an idea to then elaborate and redesign the same logo in various stages up until the “final / FINAL / LATESTS FINAL” version of it.The pictures below show the stages it took me to design a recent logo. After seeing some of […]

Design A Logo With A Vision [Part 5]

spiritual and energy logo

Draft of the Logo Colors of the Aura Yes, I know, [part 4] should have been the last of the series, but…this is too tempting. In order to design this logo I had to dive deep through the culture of the Holistic, the energy, the inner peace, the CHI and the Meridians.My client is a […]

Design A Logo With A Vision [Part 4]

SME logo

In this logo for the SME TV Industrial Channel we have a wrench and a nut that symbolises industrial, the wrench also double up as a man, (the red nut being his head).The man is both a reference to human power, labour, collaboration, innovation and productivity.The man arms are robust in order to defuse a […]

Design A Logo With A Vision [Part 3]

IVTV logo megaphone

MessageThe logo symbolises a megaphone that diffuses the sound of the Industrial Voice TV Channel. The sound of the voice tv channel is emphasized by the soundwave that ends into the voice text. The gear in the second letter of the Voice Channel, (letter O) symbolises industrial, engineering, machinery and technology at the same time. […]

Design a logo with a vision [part 2]

Design a logo with a vision [part 2]

Old logo New logo I was asked to redesign this logo which to my opinion was a bit too elaborated, and with too many details. However, the company whom the logo is from had this logo designed from some time and a drastic change was not an option nor I thought it would have been […]

Design a logo with a vision [part 1]

New Logo Design with a Vision

Here is an example of one of my latest logo designs, in this case the business had already a logo, I was asked to design a logo that could give a stronger message and here is what I have done for them:I kept the red color as it is Red, associated with meanings of strength, […]