FREE to download recipe template scalable vector for Illustrator or Inkscape

FREE to download recipe template scalable vector for Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, Gimp

Whether you would like to add recipes on your blog or you are a notorious Chef, chances are that you might need a template for your recipes to start with.If you have even minimal experience in Photoshop you can design one from scratch by yourself, sometimes anyway, it is easier to have a master template […]


Products And Packaging – FREE To Download SVG Sandwich Menu Mockup – Made on Inkscape

Food packaging mockup free SVG to download sandwich menu made on inkscape

This can come very handy for cafe or restaurant owners. The SVG  file is of very high resolution and the menu can be used to print large menus to affix at walls or billboards style printouts. Fonts are basic Linux embedded, (Ubuntu),  so no need to install additional ones.In order to customize the menu you […]


Products And Packaging – FREE To Download Biscotti box Mockup – Made on Gimp

Biscotti box layered Gimp product packaging free mockup

This is my first attempt of designing a product mockup using a design software which is not the very well known Adobe Photoshop.As I have moved to Linux OS on my machines I had no choice than going the open source way. So here it is, a simple biscotti box with graphics in perspective on […]


Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Open Source Software Alternatives

Gimp and Inkscape Open Source Software for Linux

I have recently switched OS from Windows to Linux and had to drop all the Adobe software as they are not supported. It was hard at the very beginning but I am now happy to have discovered two good alternatives. Gimp is my alternative to Photoshop, it is incredibly good and has lots of features, […]