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Create home design projects of various types and difficulty levels. No special skills required.

I have recently used this software to test if it was capable of designing in full a private house for a client and have to say that it is a lot of fun. The results are just incredible.

So long Auto Cad and other Similar Software where the complexity of the UI and the jargon were so much of an obstacle for the common user. Today's Planner 5D and some other similar web apps offer something that we could just not even think being possible 5/10 years ago.

Planner 5D is part of a new range of latest technology software available on the cloud and it is aimed for "Non Pro Users", so anyone with basic skills can start redesigning their own house or office with very little hassle.

One more advantage of using an online software is that can be accessed anywhere, whether you are at home or office, your files are saved on the cloud so kudos to that as it saves loads of time in copying or exporting files as this is no longer required.

As per the design part of it...well that's were the fun starts, if you have enough time to spend, imagination and "good taste", well in that case you can come out with something that even the top notch design firms might look at as if it came from their own portfolio.

The app has very realistic features, you can initially design your floor plan in 2D then elevate to 3D to see the naked look and finally dress up the rooms with all sort of furniture, accessories, wallpapers, tiles, name it.

Indeed the range of design type is wide, you can start with a ground floor flat and end-up with a full 6 floors building provided that you will actually need all that.

The amount of furniture and textures items depends on your plan, if you want a full catalogue you need to purchase a premium which costs $9.99 for one year plan and will give you access to an extra 3000 items which is not bad considering the price. With the premium plan you also get ads free and 3 professional looking snapshot, near real quality.

All in all I had a loot of fun and I am planning to spend another weekend and seeing what I can come up to...ho and by the way, I have forgotten to mention that it is also available as an app for Android so if you have a new fast Tablet it's as best as it could get.

Can't wait for the coming weekend, already see myself sipping coffee and designing my ideal garage lab room..!





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