How to use All-in-One WP Migration Plugin to export your WP installation to a new server

How to use WP All Import Site Migration Plugin to export your WP installation to a new server
How to use WP All Import Site Migration Plugin to export your WP installation to a new server

If you are a fresh WP new user and have come to a point where you need to move your site from a hosting to another or from your localhost to your web host this article might be helpful to you.

I have written bullet points so that you can go straight to the point and do your site migration in less than an hour, (bandwidth plays a good role onto this factor).

This tutorial is written considering that you have already a new WordPress installation configured and running on your new server.

Let's start.

  1. Download and install a plugin called All-in-One WP Migration Site Migration from the official WordPress Repository at this URL:
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. If any of the plugins you have installed in your current WP need to be updated please do so.
  4. From the All-in-One WP Migration Menu select "export".
  5. Add the rule to have All-in-One WP Migration to look for any instances of your old domain and replace it with the new one.

    5.a Example of Find & Replace ruleAll-in-one-wp-migration-find-and-replace

    5.b You can also avoid exporting files that you don't want to have in your new WP installation. To do so check any of the pre-defined boxes.All-in-one-wp-migration-advanced-options

  6. Save to a file on your machine.(download).
    All-in-one-wp-migration-preparing to export
  7. Now login on your new WP installation, (the website you want the files exported to)
  8. From the plugin section in the admin backend, select add new and install All-in-One WP Migration. Once this is ready please activate it.
  9. From the All-in-One WP Migration Menu of the new WP installation select "import" and upload the file previously downloaded.
  10. When prompted confirm your action and your new files will be installed.
    importing-filesWARNING: all your files in the new wp site will be overwritten. This upload is intended for a fresh install, in other words, your new WP should be a brand new one, with no written content as the import process will overwrite all the WordPress files and the Database content and substitute with the content and database files from your old wP install.

  11. Confirm Your Permalinks twice, (this precaution will save loads of troubleshooting). Once all files are written a new popup prompt will ask you to save your new permalinks, do it twice as for some reasons in some installations the first one is ignored by the system.

That's it. Now is time to visit your new URL and see the live site that should be exactly as it was on the old WP installation.

Please remember the following
If you had added any custom code to any of the template files, and this included URL's such links or images, (this is code that does not store data in the WP database), you will have to manually load those template files in customizer and change the old URL with the new one.
This normally happens when you replace your default template header or footer with the one you have written for your purpose or similar scenarios.

Make sure your new Hosting Provider meets the demands of your older one or at least it can meet the basic PHP / MySql Requirements to run WordPress Smoothly.

It is always a good idea when dealing with pre-sale support ask for a package that will give the specs you need for your site. For instance, if you know that your WP will run plugins that are resource hungry do not wait until the new WP crashes but ask what is the memory allocated to your site and try to get as much as possible. (most of the hosting provider will give you as low as 32 MB unless you ask for more)

Other than that, everything should be smooth as silk and by now your site should be live and well.

Good luck and enjoy hacking WP..!

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