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In this section of my portfolio I have listed a few of my latest works in Digital Design for Corporate Marketing and Sales Departments.

Case Study

  • Opening Doors
  • Epi Life Coach
  • Bzzworld Travel
Modern Self Radiation Mapping - Presentation

Opening Doors

The Airbus A320 & A320 NEO - Improving the seat configuration, safety and passenger comfort

Research on ongoing Airbus A320 Cabin and seating upgrades from Airbus and other Commercial or Independent Manufacturers.

Epi Life Coach Sales Presentation

Epi Life Coach

Is a working collaboration of business, science and industry professionals that specialize in the development of epigenetic mapping technologies and personal optimization strategies.

With a B2B sales and distribution platform, Epi Life Coach have offices in Germany, UK and Malaysia, along with a growing distribution network who handles, sales, support and training for local users.

Modern Self Radiation Mapping - Presentation

Epi Life Coach

Modern Self Radiation Mapping - Service Presentation

Epi Life Coach has developed a new technology that helps consumers who live surrounded by electro radiation and do not know where it emanates from to highlight it by mapping the areas of their home, bedroom and office which need their attention. Three JPG pictures taken from consumers cell phone is all ELC require to map the radiations.

Bzzworld Travel - Sales Presentation

Bzzworld Travel
Sales Presentation

A Visual Presentation for formal and pre-arranged meetings

Usually at a customer's place (or at a neutral premises, such as a hotel) where a salesperson or a sales team presents detailed information (often including live demonstration) about a product or product-line

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