Windscribe email marketing campaing

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Windscribe email marketing campaing

An email you "want" to read

It happens to anyone of us. In the morning we arrive at the office and the first thing we do is to check the emails.

Since early in the morning we are in a hurry to recover the time spent in queues to buy a Starbucks coffee or to buy the sandwich that will be our lunch. So the first thing we do is to “skim” the emails with an operation of annihilation of all those emails that are not directly considered business or of interest. This process mainly involves all the emails that do not interest us, for most newsletters of which we have no idea why we find them periodically in our inbox or maybe once we were interested to that particular product or service but now we are not anymore. So, to make a long story short we delete without even reading dozens of emails every day. I found myself doing this often, also because I get so much “junk” that not even the Gmail filtering system can do it anymore.
However, there is a newsletter that I read …. or rather more than one but the newsletter from Windscribe is really welcomed when I receive it and I will tell you more. I really think that whoever conceived it is a marketing genius.

This newsletter, however is addressed to an audience of subscribers who have used or use their product, does not have the usual characteristics of soliciting greater use or trying to persuade them to do the usual upgrades so as to receive greater benefits … or better …. all these features are there, but they are hidden behind a mask of humor and sarcasm that would make even the saddest sad person smile.

For the record I am not affiliated with Windscribe I am just a user of their products which I must say I am OK with.
Windscribe provides VPN (virtual private network) services for desktop and mobile devices.

I will leave you to judge for yourself and attach a screenshot down here so that you can see what sort of email I am referring to.

Windscribe newsletter

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