Introducing TechKIDS

TeckKIDS - Teaching Kids Computers Hardware And Software

Teaching Kids Computers Hardware And Software In a recent conversation with my daughter I come to learn that at her school the weekly IT lesson is spent in teaching kids how to create a new folder or to write a basic document on MS Word and other similar topics. My Daughter is on year 5 […]


Distressed – Short Science Fiction Movie

distesses short science fiction movie

In a distant future, Titan has been colonized. The Plot Despite ground bases being of extensive size and comprising of entire cities, most of the intersystem private traffic and business happens aboard orbiting stations where shuttles vehicles fly back and forth to deliver important goods to main cargo ship back to Mars and Other Colonies. […]


Create your own Home Design with freely available Online Software

planner 5D

Create home design projects of various types and difficulty levels. No special skills required. View from the top High Quality 3D Renderings The Living Room House from outside The Kitchen Guest bedroom The Master bedroom Guest bedroom 2 I have recently used this software to test if it was capable of designing in full a […]


Create your own YouTube or Vimeo video Intros using only free available sources

Soundtrap free online audio sampler and music maker

I know that these days it is easy to buy a pre-made intro or ask a developer to make one for you on websites such as upwork or similar, however, if you want you can easily make your own and here is how. First thing first. For the purpose of this tutorial I will assume […]


How to successfully install OpenShot for Linux and have blender correctly integrated to it.

OpenShot Video Editor

I was recently asked from my daughter to help her to create an intro for her first video in YouTube and I thought this was a good occasion to “revive” our weekly IT lesson on Saturday when we gather for a 30 minutes session on Software usage, (Computer only), which includes always different content. To […]


Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Open Source Software Alternatives

Gimp and Inkscape Open Source Software for Linux

I have recently switched OS from Windows to Linux and had to drop all the Adobe software as they are not supported. It was hard at the very beginning but I am now happy to have discovered two good alternatives. Gimp is my alternative to Photoshop, it is incredibly good and has lots of features, […]


How to stop Notepad++ to not recognise all languages markups

how to stop notepad++ to not recognise all languages markupsI have just noticed that Notepad++ since yesterday has stopped recognizing web documents as per their language markup , instead is launching anything as a text document.
This is quite annoying as every time I load a new file, wheter this is php or html, js, css and so on the associated markup is not loading so I have to manually scroll on the languages from the top menu and select whichever I want for that file.