Distressed – Short Science Fiction Movie

distesses short science fiction movie

In a distant future, Titan has been colonized. The Plot Despite ground bases being of extensive size and comprising of entire cities, most of the intersystem private traffic and business happens aboard orbiting stations where shuttles vehicles fly back and forth to deliver important goods to main cargo ship back to Mars and Other Colonies. […]


Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Open Source Software Alternatives

Gimp and Inkscape Open Source Software for Linux

I have recently switched OS from Windows to Linux and had to drop all the Adobe software as they are not supported. It was hard at the very beginning but I am now happy to have discovered two good alternatives. Gimp is my alternative to Photoshop, it is incredibly good and has lots of features, […]


Why not linux?

OUbuntu Linuxur understanding of personal computer is evolving at an ultra fast pace, the advent of mobile computing and the “tablet” revolution have changed the way we live and interact with each other, however, I don’t think that the “Tablet era” will last that long, still our home PC will survive if not prevail.