Create your own YouTube or Vimeo video Intros using only free available sources

Soundtrap free online audio sampler and music maker

I know that these days it is easy to buy a pre-made intro or ask a developer to make one for you on websites such as upwork or similar, however, if you want you can easily make your own and here is how. First thing first. For the purpose of this tutorial I will assume […]


How to successfully install OpenShot for Linux and have blender correctly integrated to it.

OpenShot Video Editor

I was recently asked from my daughter to help her to create an intro for her first video in YouTube and I thought this was a good occasion to “revive” our weekly IT lesson on Saturday when we gather for a 30 minutes session on Software usage, (Computer only), which includes always different content. To […]


How to stop Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance error in WordPress

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance

Stop… Do not Panic..! Most probably you were just upgrading a plugin and …bang..! All in one sudden your website went offline. Remain calm as this is a common issue and thankfully there is a quick remedy. This tutorial will require you to have FTP login and password at your hosting account.   DISCLAIMER:This tweak […]


How to resize and optimize images for the web using Adobe Photoshop

How to optimize and resize an image for the web using adobe photoshpEver wondered why sometimes a web page with a few of graphics and images takes an incredible time to load?…I bet it happened to you more than one time.

Well here is why.

The person who designed that web page did not spend enough time in resizing and web optimizing the images, perhaps he did not even know that if you upload a picture to your web site as it comes out from your camera or mobile phone it will be way to heavy for the web standard.


How to add products to your shopify account and have it synchronized in WordPress

shopify control panelThis is a quick tutorial that will guide you through the steps of updating or creating new item pages for your Shopify account. I give for granted that you have already a WordPress Installation, are familiar with it, have already installed the Shopify Plugin for WordPress and configured in order to correctly pull the data from your Shopify account and display it to your WordPress Installation.

This tutorial aims at providing some guidance to a person that you have to set as responsible on updating a shopify account on your behalf.