Create your own YouTube or Vimeo video Intros using only free available sources

Soundtrap free online audio sampler and music maker

I know that these days it is easy to buy a pre-made intro or ask a developer to make one for you on websites such as upwork or similar, however, if you want you can easily make your own and here is how.

Soundtrap free online audio sampler and music maker

First thing first.

For the purpose of this tutorial I will assume that you have a PC and an average internet connection, the rest it is all free available software.
I am running on Linux Mint, so if you are on a different platform you can either skip this tutorial altogether or still read through and then find your substitute software that works well with your OS.

Here is a list of the desktop software I have used:


As for the graphics I have mentioned both Inkscape and Gimp, however, you can use both of them, either one or the other or even none of them and choose any other graphic software that can save your output image file in extensions such as .png .svg and so on.

Here is a List of Online software and Online Media sources I have used:

Openshot free video editing software for Linux

If you wonder how to make the 3D title effects at the beginning of the clip here is the link to the blog post on "How To Successfully Install OpenShot For Linux And Have Blender Correctly Integrated To It." which explains that in great details.

Other than this, just use your imagination and you will be doing just fine and as always keep creative..!

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