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In this issue of the free and open source templates creation and download I would like switch from the product packaging design normally offered to introduce you an important document that a freelance Web & Graphic Designer could use.

If you work as a freelancer web and graphic designer and have successfully established your business chances are that in time you might end-up offering a service of maintenance for big enterprise jobs or companies who have given you a great load of work and that needs constant upgrades or recurring editing of page content.

This  Services is normally what constitutes a "Retainers  Contract".

In essence the Retainers Contract is an agreement made between you and the company you have just developed content for in which both parties agree for continuing using your services at a flat rate per month until the contract expires.

The retainers Contract is a good opportunity for your business to monetize and to continue and improve your relationship with your best clients. At the same time, however, this is also a commitment, in other words this means that once an agreement is taken and you have signed a contract that states that you have to work for the specified client for a total of hours per month, then you are bounded to do so and might need to limit the incoming stream of work you normally take from different sources.

The aforementioned Contract is available for download in .txt format so that you can use the text to fill one of you already personalized business templates. If you do not have yet created your stationary and templates then you can download a formatted Google Docs Template at this URL:
In both cases, please remember to edit the fields in brackets such as (your company name), (your client company name), etc. by replacing the demo content with your own.
Also for the Google Docs Version, please remember to replace the placeholder logo with your own and to enter your correct business URL into the headers.

If you like the template and find it useful you are welcome to share it with your fellow designers or freelancer buddies and as always, keep creative..!

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