FREE to download recipe template scalable vector for Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, Gimp

FREE to download recipe template scalable vector for Illustrator or Inkscape

Whether you would like to add recipes on your blog or you are a notorious Chef, chances are that you might need a template for your recipes to start with.

If you have even minimal experience in Photoshop you can design one from scratch by yourself, sometimes anyway, it is easier to have a master template and then elaborate your recipes and additional design from there.

This week FREE download is exactly that. A starting point for anyone in need of a recipe template to display on a website, a blog or who knows where else.

Being an SVG file, this is also a good template for those in need of a print, (Menu / Placemat / Brochure / Specials / and so on). SVG files allow the user to enlarge or shrink the graphics at their liking so even if you would have to print a large window ad for a restaurant this could be done easily with the template.
Fonts used for the template are included in the download, for those who do not have it installed on their computer, (Arial not included as it is proprietary and anyway installed in all Windows / Mac OS X). Linux users can find many Arial alternatives such as those offered by Google Fonts.

The fonts used are:

The SVG is fully layered and can be used with:

Or any other Vector Graphics oriented software, both online and on Desktop.

Enjoy this week free download and as always, keep hacking your way and having fun through good design..!

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2 thoughts on “FREE to download recipe template scalable vector for Illustrator or Inkscape”

  1. Rodrigo Suero

    Thanks man. Im from Uruguay and i want to starta meal kit business. This really helped me. I was watching several tutorials on how to use inkscape in order to make this template. This saves me ton of time.

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