Biscotti box layered Gimp product packaging free mockup

Products And Packaging – FREE To Download Biscotti box Mockup – Made on Gimp

This is my first attempt of designing a product mockup using a design software which is not the very well known Adobe Photoshop.

As I have moved to Linux OS on my machines I had no choice than going the open source way. So here it is, a simple biscotti box with graphics in perspective on all sides. This time I haven’t left the layers open so there is no way to edit on the graphics, however, the images on all sides of the boxes can be replaced completely thus allowing for a user to recreate their favorite box.

The initial empty box was made using Inkscape, (which I am still mastering). Non Fonts embedded, so, again, this is a very simple and quick test for me but can be reused for anyone else purpose. and that is the reason why I have decided to include it in the free downloads section of my blog.

I hope you enjoy hacking it to your taste and I also hope I wil be able to post something a bit more consistent soon, I still have a bit of a learning curve with both Gimp ad Inkscape.

Biscotti box layered Gimp product packaging free mockup

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