SSD Drives

solid state drives explainedBefore we talk of SSD Drives, (picture on the top left), let’s just review what we know of mechanical hard drives, (picture on the bottom right), which are still the most common used storage on commercial PC.

Mechanical Hard drives are made of metal spinning platters with a magnetic coat that stores and retrieves data written to it via an harm with an head at the end, (looking like the one in the old turntables). Hard Drives are “nonvolatile” memory, so the data stays stored on the disk even when the system is powered off. 


Memory running low..?

A very good day to you all and welcome to DIY corner. Today we are going to talk of how to upgrade your Memory RAM Modules.

Laptop ram ugradesPre arrangements:

By using your Windows System info software, or checking online at the vendor web site for your laptop, determine the specification of your existing Ram modules. In this case we have a DDR2 667MHz PC2-5300 200pin 


RAM types explained

RAM types explainedThere is always confusion when choosing an upgrade in memory RAM modules, whit so many different names, connections, pins etc. What makes a module different from another? How do we know which module is good for our PC and which one would not fit or would fit but not work at all?