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Hi everyone, thanks for checking in, this is the space where I write about my favorite subjects… and those are related mainly to technology, coding web pages and designing graphics. However, as I am a “tech addicted”, I would occasionally review gadgets, talk about the technologies that make them work, talk about computers,  operating systems and many more subjects all related to the amazing world of science and technology.

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Web Design
WordPress / CMS / Web Apps / Hosting / Server Side Maintenance 95%
Routers / Wi Fi / Audio & Video / CCTV / Cameras / Mobiles 48%
PC & Online Security
Firewalls, Scanners, Wordfence 75%
Graphic Design
Graphics / Logos / Banners / Brochures / Branding 91%
Digital Marketing
Social Media / Advertising / 80%
Linux Open Source Software 60%

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