How to have a better control over your installed modules on Drupal

view of the modules using the filter module for drupalWhen you start a new Drupal website you have just a few modules installed so looking for the right one is not going to take a long time, however, as you progress in your developing content for the website, add more services and more interactivity, become more social and link Facebook/Twitter/ LinkedIn widgets and sharing buttons, add slideshows, ecommerce and who knows what else…..then, your modules are all over the place.


How to modify a drupal block via its CSS

The block before modificationsLooking to modify the look and feel of your blocks? In this tutorial we will see how to do just that by making changes on its CSS file. From the CSS you can change many aspects of the blocks look and feel but for today I will show you how to resize them as that is the change I had to do at my web site.

Let’s get into it.



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