Is responsive design so important

Why responsive design is paramount

responsive designIs responsive design so important?

Responsive design is a method for designing web sites so that they are viewable correctly on every screen size, even on small smartphones. It has the potential to bring your website in front of more people and increase sales dramatically since more people will visit your site more often. However, to successfully market with this new method, you must make sure you provide users with a fast and smooth shopping experience.

Why responsive design is necessary for e-commerce sites?

First, it’s essential to test out your website on various devices to see how it performs. By testing it on a number of common browsers, you can see what your site looks like when viewed properly on each browser. In the old days, websites would be designed only once and would work on all available screen sizes (no matter how ugly they looked on mobile…). Today, people have many different screen sizes and because of this you need to make sure your site is able to adapt to these devices. Also please, remember to always check how your mobile site will look like when you change your theme if your website is built upon WordPress. And, more to the point, if your website is built with WordPress and you use a page builder such as Elementor, you will need to test that as well. All the pages built with Elementor have a visual element in the editor that can be toggle to show respectively the desktop, tablet and mobile version of the page.  With the correct responsive design, you can ensure that the user will be able to use your website easily no matter what their size or model.

responsive design is the way forwardWhy websites need optimized images?

Websites today are optimized to show up well in search engine results. This way, your chances of getting found are higher and you can target a larger audience. Most of the time, when a website has large format images it’s very hard to load the images for the smaller screens. This is also due to the fact that still today many people don’t have unlimited bandwidth on their mobile plan, hence loading large files will use lots of their resources and might end-up on higher bills at the end of the month too. Non-optimizing images for mobile will also translate to larger use of memory and power for the mobile phone, which in turn it will slow down your website page to load and most often than not, will negatively affect your rankings.

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Why fluid grid layout works better on phones?

Mobile devices have smaller screens. As a result, your website may not load as quickly on certain phones as it does on bigger screens. To remedy this problem, you need to create your websites with a fluid grid layout. With a fluid grid, your content will update smoothly across all sizes of phones no matter how users navigate through your website.

Does responsive design increases the value of your website?

Since your content is updated automatically according to what people are viewing, your site will always be in line with what consumers want to see. This will increase the value of your brand because consumers will see your content as relevant to their current needs. For example, if you’re selling clothes, you’ll want to ensure that your design and content reflect what people are looking for. Having a blog that features new articles as they become available will also help show people that you are an expert in your field.

Will responsive design improves the conversion rate of your video content?

Research shows that a well-designed site has a higher conversion rate. Since people spend a large amount of time on mobile devices, having high-resolution video content with clear images and clear audio will help improve the user experience. Videos also have high retention rates. People are twice as likely to watch a video versus to read through a lengthy article. A highly responsive design will increase the retention rate and will make your video content relevant to your audience.


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