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8 tips for a book cover design

book cover designBook cover design is probably the first thing it will come to your mind If you’re planning to develop your own e-book, it’s important to take time in making the right design and appearance of your book cover. The proper design and appearance of your book cover will allow potential customers to know what kind of book it is and whether or not to purchase it. So, what are the important tips to make the right impression on your customers? Here are some helpful tips:

The font can help emphasize the cover

Make your font the most prominent feature of the cover. The font you use should be the most easy-to-read font on the page. A lot of e-books today come with simple and easy-to-read fonts. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about choosing a high-quality font for the cover. Just make use of a font that your target readers will easily recognize and remember.

Don’t overdo

Enter only the essentials. Do not include fancy words and images just to increase the size of your book cover. Just stick to the essential details of your book. Use neutral and plain color for the cover. This will allow you to create an effective and simple book cover.

Use black as your book cover background color. Black is a universal color. It matches up with any kind of design or image and blends well with the text. Therefore, it’s important to use black as the book cover’s background.

The images tell a story in itself

Use images that are visually striking. However, when creating an image for the cover, choose something that speaks on its own. Do not just include photos of your book to design your cover. Try to find other ways on how you can illustrate the awesomeness and beauty of your book. You can also incorporate illustrations from other resources such as magazines and newspapers to come up with a great-looking cover.

You can choose a size and shape

8 tips for a better book cover design

Choose the right shape for your cover. A good-looking cover is just like a ticket to having a successful book. So, when choosing a shape for your cover, make sure that it will best represent your work. Make sure that your cover’s shape is different from the rest of your book so that readers will have a clear idea what your book’s cover is all about.

Too many elements and you drive the reader away

Do not overcrowd your book with graphic and text elements. Aside from being visually impressive, it is also important to focus on content when designing a book cover. Your readers deserve to read a book that has high-quality and significant information.

Have you got the name?

First, you’ll need to think of the name of your book. Use your imagination when coming up with names. After you’ve come up with a name, then ask yourself what kind of cover would suit your book best. There are plenty of ways to choose a cover.

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The main image should reflect what the book is about

If your book is a romance novel, then it’s possible that your cover would be about love or romance. If your book is science fiction, then your cover could be about space or aliens. On the other hand, if your book is a suspense thriller, then the design would be more about the villain. Design covers that suit the theme of your book. Make sure that your main characters are featured.

Keep your book cover design simple

Next, it is important to design a cover that’s visually appealing as well as functional. Choose a cover that will help readers hold a book as they peruse its pages. Do not design your cover in such a way that your readers will be embarrassed to hold it. It’s okay if your cover isn’t attractive, but if it’s too clumsy or difficult to hold, readers won’t be encouraged to look at the pages.

One of the most useful tips for a cover designer is to allow plenty of room between the top and bottom of the front panel. This allows the reader to feel like they’re reading on a bookshelf, rather than tucked away inside a book. Designing a professional cover that appeals to your readers will increase reader interest and make your book more successful.

In conclusion

Designing a book cover may seem to be quite challenging at first. But if you’re really determined to design one, you can still go through several tips to guide you through. And once you’ve got your own design, then you can start marketing and advertising it to potential readers. Just always keep these tips in mind so that you can create a successful design. Good luck!


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