How Designers Choose Their Fonts

How Designers Choose Their Fonts?

A question often comes up about how designers choose their fonts

How Designers Choose Their Fonts

There are two main factors to consider here. These are typography and readability. When people are typing on a keyboard, the types of letters and characters which they see are a big factor in what they type. Obviously, the better the typography, the more readable the document.

About readability

The second factor is readability. Just because a designer has chosen a particular font, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the people who will be reading it will be able to understand it as well. This is where learning the basics of typography comes into play. Knowing what type of fonts you should use for a certain situation helps tremendously when making your choice. Take, for instance, a brochure. Chances are good that most people will only glance over a brochure to find out what it contains.

So, if the brochure’s layout isn’t clear, then chances are they won’t read it at all. However, the typography in the text can sometimes be difficult to figure out. A designer must consider the overall look and feel of the design as well. This is where learning about different types of fonts comes into play. There are several different types and styles of fonts.

Pairing fonts

For instance, a designer may opt for a vintage type of font for their design. This isn’t always a bad thing; in fact, many designers prefer this type of font. However, this isn’t something that will stand out against their other work. It is often best to choose one or two fonts that complement each other and build on one another as a design.

Another thing to consider is the type of background to use. Often, designers choose to use a lighter or darker type of font in their layouts. However, this can become very hard on the eyes if the background is too dark. This is something that an artist will take into consideration when creating a design.

Text size

The size of the text in a design can also play a role in the type of designer that will make the choices. A designer may have trouble choosing what type of font to use if they are limited by the space that they have to work with. If the space is small, they may need to find a type of Helvetica or maybe even Palatino Linotype. However, if the space is large, they would be forced to use either Garamano or maybe even Century Gothic. Each of these types of fonts are much larger than Helvetica or Palatino Linotype.

The designer has to think about how their text will appear on the screen. Each design is created with different eye-tracking techniques. This can help the designer to decide what type of font is the best choice for their design. Some designers may not have the best eye-tracking skills, but they may know what type of layout to create because of experience.

Speed of typing

Designers will often choose a type of font based on the functionality of the font. This means that if the designer knows that people will type at a certain speed, they will choose a font that is designed for that particular speed. A designer may not have the best typing skills, but they do know what the general usage of their font is. For example, if they will be using a text message program and someone is typing slowly, they will want a font that has a smaller size so that they do not have to scroll the page to read the words. Choosing the right type of font is very important for the success of a design.


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