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How to create your own reusable elements in Canva

create your own reusable elements in CanvaAre you among those who need to create your own reusable elements in Canva? What is the purpose of doing so? We’ll try to answer this questions and give you even more details in the following article.

What we want to achieve is to create elements that we will use over and over again so that we can save them in a folder in Canva and re-use anytime we want, rather than re-do it. You might thing like…why do I need that? Can I just create a design and save it in Canva and then copy and paste it all the time I want? Well the answer is yes…but…remember that this are “elements” so you can use them to complement any of your future design and they comfortably sit on one of your folders in the left hand side…. so you can have it there pronto rather than having to scavenge in the thousands of designs you might have after you work a couple of year with Canva on a daily basis. Additionally, remember that this tutorial is to also show you how you can make your own elements in case you want something particular that you could not find in the element tabs. So for this, I have created a custom folder and I save it in my favorites.

That way it will always be there in my side menu, ready and easy to reach for when I need it.

So, let’s start by how do we do it and where 

Great, now that we have cleared this concept, let’s have a look on how to create your own elements in a easy way. For this we are going to work with another great tool of my choice, “Google slides”. The reason for using this amazing free software is because is very easy to use, friendly for the beginners and also allow us to save whatever design we do as an SVG object which can then be imported in Canva and used as element with parts that can have different colors as you do with the standard collection available in the tabs menu. Enough talk, let;s do this.

Step by step design in Google Slides

You can follow this list or also check the Slideshow below the list for a more “visual” understanding.

  1. Open Google Slides and clear the canvas from any objects that are there by default
  2. From the top menu, Select File -> page setup -> custom, then choose pixels from the right selection
  3. Give your document a width of 960 (already set as default) and an height of 200 (for the purpose of this tutorial)
  4. Click on the shapes toll from the main toolbar
  5. Select the rectangle with the rounded corners and drag it horizontally al the way to the extremities
  6. You can change the default outline and filling color as you like
  7. Click on the text tool and write your telephone number
  8. Do the same for the email
  9. Position them in the middle and decide a size which is proportional to the element
  10. Now for the icon I have an add-on called “insert icon for slides”, this will generate SVG icons, so it’s perfect for our scope
  11. Search for the icon and select a color of your choice, in this case i will use the same color I have used for the border
  12. Resize your icons proportionally and align them with the text
  13. You can also cast a shadow to give it a better after effect
  14. Once you are happy with your element design, click “File” from the top menu and select download, then proceed choosing “Scalable Vector”

Great this part is now done

There are a few more steps to do in Canva

What we need to do is to upload this new element in our folder in Canva and test it.

To do so, just drag it in to a folder of your choice. In my case I have one where I keep my own creation vector elements
After upload, drag it into the canvas and position it wherever you like. You can resize it the way you want
Select the colors you would like for the element parts and the background.

See the slideshow

You have done it, if is something that you normally add it to your designs (credits / address / business details etc.) this can be very handy as it contains your data and also can adapt with the color of the rest of the design you are about to do in Canva.

That’s it, this tutorial is over, you can experiment with any shape and object you like, once you get confident you can really do whatever element you like and then upload it into your Canva account and use it all over again in all your designs.


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