fastest images bulk resize

The fastest images bulk resize in the market

Are you looking for the fastest images bulk resize? Read on then, I might have something for you.
fastest images bulk resize

When resizing images in bulk becomes a problem with big name software, here’s a little utility that blows them all away.

If you are looking for a method to resize your photos for the web, and by photos I mean entire folders with even hundreds of photos, the most common method has always been to use software to install on your own PC, Mac or Linux machine.

What is the issue with the big names in image editing software

So far everything is fine, but it is also true that sometimes it is difficult to find a program that does only that and therefore maybe you spend time downloading programs that may prove to be too complicated, that have too many functions that in that context are not needed.

Not to mention that most of the so called “free” apps, instead of being truly free, after a couple of times they are used, the usual request to switch to the premium version begins to appear…and that is a real annoyance.

Yes it’s true, I know well that the wisest of you can say … but why don’t you do it with your image editing program? Photoshop / Gimp Etc? The reason is very simple.

Every time you launch Photoshop (for those who use it) or Gimp for those like me who have switched to OpenSource, it takes a good bunch of seconds while it searches and loads all our special configurations, and if the PC is already loaded of other jobs, especially if you are doing use of video editing and other resource hungry works, that bunch of seconds could turn into two … and so on.

So, what’s the solution?

Ideally it would have to be a small utility to launch on the fly and work on its own, regardless of what software we use for image editing. It would have to be also ready for immediate use, perform batch file resizing in a short time, and using lossless techniques so as not to degrade the photos. In short, a dream?

What if I told you that something like this exists, it’s free and you can use it online but it works in your browser and not in their server so your data stays with you and data processing times are blazing fast. Curious? …’s not over yet, this utility is one of those web apps that you can install but which are portable and remain in your browser environment, so don’t mess with the config files of your PC and can be uninstalled just by deleting it.

In short, this app is great, it works great and I’ve been using it for years so I have no problem recommending it … and I don’t even have an affiliate link, nor they provide me with sponsorship for mention it.

I do like it precisely because I believe in it and it has helped me a lot.

You can find this app at the link:

Try it and you will see that the benefits are enormous:

  • Super-fast
  • 100% free
  • Batch processing
  • Works in your web browser
  • Easy to use
  • No sign-up
  • Private – no uploading
  • Convert to JPEG, PNG, WebP
  • Compress Images
  • Reduce file size of images

Have a look at this Gif animation that show you how easy it is to resize a bunch of files.

fastest images bulk resize ever


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