WordPress Gutenberg So Bad Compared to the Classic Editor

Why Is WordPress Gutenberg So Bad Compared to the Classic Editor?

Why Is WordPress Gutenberg So Bad Compared to the Classic Editor

WordPress Gutenberg is a new page builder editor for WordPress that is being pushed by the WordPress team. It has been included in the plugin directory, you can download free and since the very beginning this editor project has been met with mixed reviews and many people are not happy with it. The promise of bleeding-edge features have come short. I have given it a try to the latest version and personally, I don’t like it.

Site building in 2021 is supposed to be fun and super easy, however, as soon as you start playing with this block editor and create a post It makes editing things way too complicated for me. If you like the experience of the builder included, great! That is fine. I am sure there are many that enjoy the new editor and use it all the time. Not me, I have had hard time for the entire publishing experience, from choosing post types to create posts itself, table block, you name it..everything seems to be just “wrong”!

I don’t normally blame software this way, I have tried with hello themegenerate press, astra theme and a bunch of other ones…to no avail. it really is no worth my time. I was a bit skeptic at the very beginning of this terrible experience as the plugin page shows the Gutenberg editor at such a low rating that must be a total embarrassment for automaticc.

Gutenberg is still not complete

Gutenberg is still not complete, and the WordPress Gutenberg editor is still not as good as the classic editor. The Gutenberg editor has been a controversial change to the WordPress platform, and it has been met with mixed reviews. Many developers believe that Gutenberg could cause more harm than good, and if WordPress keeps adding “complexity” to its platform, they will eventually lose a significant amount of users.

WordPress Gutenberg is brokenGutenberg is broken

The Gutenberg editor is the new default editor for WordPress. It has been met with mixed reviews, with many people citing the lack of customization and the difficulty in using the editor as the main reasons for their dissatisfaction.

Gutenberg is not optimized for mobile

The WordPress Gutenberg editor is not optimized for mobile and has a lot of bugs. Gutenberg is a new editor that was introduced in WordPress 5. 0. It has a lot of bugs and is not optimized for mobile. You can try Gutenberg on a temporary basis and disable it. If you decide that you would like to turn it off, just go to your WordPress Settings -> Reading and then click the button to toggle Gutenberg on or off.

Gutenberg VS Classic Editor

The Gutenberg editor has been a controversial topic for WordPress users since it was introduced. Many people are not happy with the new editor and are looking for ways to switch back to the classic editor. Gutenberg is supposed to be a great addition to WordPress and it will probably be the default editor one day, the transition period has not been easy. The users have struggled with basic functionality of the editor. So it’s a difficult decision. Do we rely on the Gutenberg plugin and improve it to include our basic functionality? Or do we look for alternatives that will solve our problems immediately? With a lot of plugins and add-ons being written every day, WordPress is heading towards perfection.


Did you know that automaticc (WordPress ownership) as acquired the WordPress tinymce plugin?

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