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Free Canva Templates #3

Free Canva Templates 3 1

Free Canva Templates

A new set of Free Canva Templates to download has just been releases and this time we have chosen the Real Estate business. If you are new to this site please also check our other issues (click on the link below where it says “Check this other articles too”) as we have more Free Canva Templates for you to download and use for your purpose. Ho yeah, you don’t need to be a real estate, you can just change the images to whatever your business is about and add your text and you’ll be ready to post in no time.

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With Canva you will also appreciate the various features that come included with the templates. The online designer offers several styling options such as fonts, text alignment, background color and much more. You can also use Canva Design templates in conjunction with other online tools. For instance, you can use it along with HTML to enhance the look and functionality.

There are a large number of templates available on the Canva Website online, this templates are for those of you that have already exhausted their resources. All that is required four you is to choose the design you want to use, upload your images (or select the many offered by Canva) and change the text.

Ready to customize your templates? Go and get it. Have fun and as always keep designing with fun.

Please read the below before you proceed using our templates:

Terms and conditions:

  • All our resources can be used for both personal and commercial projects.
  • We are not liable for the misuse of the resources we provide you. They can be customized and modified to fit your requirements.
  • Redistribution, resells, lease, license, sub-license or offering our resources to third party is not allowed. This includes uploading our resources to another website and offering our resources as a separate attachment from any of your work.
  • All our resources can be used by you or by the clients you purchase it for.
  • Some images are taken from, which are commercial free.

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