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7 Free Social Media Post Template for Canva #1

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Free Social Media Post Template for Canva?

So you design hundreds of social media post per week, and you do it online with Canva, because saves you lots of time and because yes, it is an amazing tool that will do the magic for you with its assorted selection of templates. It is all good… until you realize one day that you are running out of templates and you don’t want to use the same twice as you want to give to your posts (or to your clients if you are an agency or freelancer).

So what do you do?

Well, perhaps you could design your templates in Canva by yourself..but hey…that requires even more time and, you are busy all week with your design, and writing job, certainly you don’t want to spend the week-end leisure time on this project instead of taking the dog to the park or going running in the fields with your dirt bike….or who knows what else.

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Anyway if that picture is familiar to you, stick around, as I have some good news. This week is on us. We have designed a set of posts that you can customize with your logo, business details and powerful message to your viewers. Below is a slideshow for a quick view but your can follow the Canva share link to get your own copy and make your edits.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get it. Have fun and as always keep designing with fun.

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