write text with a perspective angle in Canva

How to write text with a perspective angle in Canva

How to write text with a perspective angle in Canva 25 1Writing text with a perspective angle in Canva isn’t yet an option. Despite the many effort and the great assortments of tools and effects that Canva sports, modifying objects so that they can be adapted in a more realistic way into photos and picture is still something to be achieved.

I recently designed a social media post for a real estate business and once that was posted I was asked from someone who saw it and knew it was designed by me how did I managed to use a perspective tool (text in this case) as it was made in Canva and … yeah Canva doesn’t have that.

So before I will go in details and explain how we can actually achieve just that in a matter of minutes. Let’s first describe what a perspective tool is when using a design / drawing software such as Photoshop/ Illustrator / Gimp etc.

Why using the perspective tool

You can use the perspective tool in in order to make an image that you import onto a scene look like it belongs in the scene as an actual object.

Let’s for instance imagine that you are an interior designer, after finishing an apartment redesign you have just taken a perfect shot at one of the rooms and, you like what you done so much that you ask the owner of the apartment if you can show it on your portfolio. The owner says it’s OK, except, he ask for one of the pictures on the wall not to be shown as it is a valuable item and he doesn’t want to advertise his ownership.

Now, what would you do? You have already left the apartment and are driving away back to your city a couple of hours from the house in which the redesign toke place. Sure, you could schedule a new appointment and retake the shot without that frame on the wall….but then you think again and try to remove that from the contest and suddenly something is missing.

Don’t worry, not all is lost

You can simply fire up your Photoshop or other image editing software and do some digital editing at the original photo you had taken by using the perspective tool.

Now, just before you ask….what all this messy story has to do with the “perspective tool”…let me just tell you that if the photo of the room was taken from an angle, you can’t just cut the drawing part and paste a new drawing that you have downloaded from your Royalties Archives as it would look truly unrealistic. You see, the perspective tool allows you to skew a photo from the corners and proportionally resize only one side in order for the photo to look as it actually belongs to the scene.

In simple words by using the perspective tools (I will use Gimp) you can just follow this few steps and you will have the job done in no time.

  1. Open the main Image.
  2. Zoom in to the picture in the wall that you wan to change.
  3. By using the F tool (lasso) select the area to cut.
  4. Press delete so that you cut the selection.
  5. Now open (as a layer) your new image (the one you want to use to replace the drawing).
  6. Place the new image next to the frame.
  7. Still selecting the new image launch the perspective tool (shift+p).
  8. Now drag the corners in place.
  9. Once you have done all corners press “transform” on the Perspective pop up box.
  10. Bingo..!

See the gallery below, if you want a better visual on how this is done

As you can see that is actually how it should be, realistic.

And…now….since that you have mastered the Perspective tool…and you still did not have enough of tinkering with your design skills. let’s address the topic of today’s blog post.

How to apply this newly learned skill into Canva text objects?

How to write text with a perspective angle in Canva 21

In the image above I want to add a line of text that goes along the wall line….but if I place a normal text line and just use the Canva rotation tool….It certainly doesn’t look right isn’t it? (see image at the bottom of the article).

Now let’s use a quick trick for that as well

  1. From the element tab select a line a give it a vibrant color so that it can be easy to spot.
  2. Place the line where you would like the text.
  3. Place two more line at the extremities so that the text area is easy to spot.
  4. Now download the image to your PC and open it in Gimp.
  5. Select the text tool and write your slogan.
  6. Drag the text object near the delimiting green line you have previously traced.
  7. Fire the Perspective tool (make sure the text layer is selected).
  8. PSame as before with the drawing, drag the corner in place.
  9. Now that you have done you do not need the background anymore so you can remove it.
  10. You only need the text object as your transparent image.
  11. Crop the image to content
  12. Export it as transparent PNG it and upload it on Canva
  13. Place it on the desired spot

See the gallery below, if you want a better visual on how this is done

That’s it…you can see the difference below:


Well That’s it for today, if you like Canva and use it often, perhaps you might be interested in this Free Templates


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